Fun Facts about your Breasts!

From ancient mesopotamian sculptures to Hugh Hefner – your breasts have been the inspiration for feats of bravery, wars and total stupidity.

But… did you know this about your breasts?

Fun Facts about your Breasts!

Fun Facts about your Breasts!

Fact 1. Your breasts hate to bounce all over the place!

Ok, all of us need to do some sport and exercises. Not only are the psychological benefits of such activities incredibly good for us, but the bonus side effect is it makes our bodies look fantastic! Yet, if you’re running like Forrest Gump – beware of the slump! Inadequate support will directly lead to breast sagging earlier as well as breast pain the next day. Save the lace and seductive lingerie for later – this is the time to put on your sports bra, no matter what your size. The molded cups will help support you in your pursuit of having a hot bod.

Fact 2. Your left breast is usually larger.

Bouncing around or not – in fact no two breasts are alike, nor are they the same size. 9/10 times – this means that your left breast is larger than your right. Now, the difference might be ever so slight – but even if you don’t notice the difference, it’s the same phenomenon when men have one foot larger than the other. You’re just luckier. 😉

Fact 3. Boost your … performance… with the right exercises.

Get your gym outfit out now, and start working on your pectoral muscles right away! Talk with your trainer for specific exercises, but regularly exercising your chest can do wonders for making a perky impression as well as increasing cleavage. Everything from push-ups, bench pressing and butterfly presses will help to boost your boobs. An average of 30 minutes 3 times a week and you can start working on increasing not only size, but firmness as well.

Fact 4. Cleavage isn’t exactly determined by overall size.

Even if you take two women with the exact same cup size, they still won’t necessarily have the same cleavage. This optical miracle is created by breasts that are fuller in the middle. If your breasts are naturally set close together, you are well on your way to having fantastic cleavage – even if you only have an A or a B cup. Take into consideration that if your body is narrower below your shoulders – you’ve been blessed with an unfair advantage over girls who aren’t as you’ll have an easier time creating a valley between your two peaks.

Fact 5. Speaking of peaks and valley – watch out for the sun. Even if you’re not topless!

Ok. So you’re not sunbathing on a beach in Europe topless – then how on earth did you manage to sunburn your precious pair? Many swimsuits and bikini tops do allow UV rays to pass through the material making for a surprising sunburn in a somewhat sensitive area. Make sure that you get our sunscreen lotion out each time you decide to don your beachwear – regardless if you’re on the beach or heading into the mountains European style.

Too much sun on the front balcony can cause premature wrinkling and brown spots. As always, your partner will probably be most enthusiastic about helping you protect your precious pair – dragon or not.

Fact 6. Bent out of shape, and not sleeping right? Don’t let that happen to your breasts!

Many women like to sleep face down, and this isn’t going to let the proverbial air out of your breasts, but over time this could misshapen them. There’s a reason why spooning is one of the most preferred sleeping positions, because it’s simply the best for your breasts. Use one of the million pillows adorning your bed to help support them as you sleep. Not only will this help keep your natural perky shape but will give you another good excuse to buy more pillows the next time you and your partner are out shopping.

Fact 7. More than 2 million US women have ‘enhanced’ their breasts.

More than 250,000 women head to the world’s most popular doctor each year to have breast implants. The average age is 34 years old and more than 90 percent of women do it after they had children. We’re not talking about coffee when we say most women have a more than 2 -cup increase after the implants. Nor are we talking about refills, when the 6 percent of women who underwent such an operation come back for more, or less depending on their overall satisfaction of the operation.

Fact 8. Your doctor is concerned about your breasts.

We all know that your love mountains are at their smoothest and least tender generally the week after your period – so that’s the best time to let your doctor take a look at them. (In the sense of looking for any unusual lumpiness or swelling.) You can always see how good your doctor really is if you do this AFTER your Fact 7. If your doctor can’t tell any sudden swelling, then it’s probably time to see another. :)

2 Responses to Fun Facts about your Breasts!
  1. Halinka
    July 29, 2010 | 8:59 pm

    Thanks for inspiration for my next blog post. “left breast is usually larger”… thank god it’s not my case 😉

  2. Kasia
    July 30, 2010 | 9:08 am

    You know you’re having a bad morning when you wake up and something like that happens. I guess it just goes to prove that God loves us and wants us to be happy. 😉

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