Getting your bra fit right…

There are several mysteries of the universe:

1. Perpetual motion.

2. How to use water as a fuel source.

3. How to fit your bra properly!?

Bra fitting guide for women

Start buying the perfect bra! All you need to know on sizing yourself up correctly! 😉 photo rights:

Let’s face the facts. Most women don’t really know what bra size they are. They do, however, know what bra size they want to be, and those numbers are usually coming from the likes of Playboy Playmates or other fashion models who serve as the envy of women because of their numbers, err… beauty.

First off, getting your bra sized right is important. This affects not only your comfort, but your health as well! If you’re wearing the wrong bra, this could ultimately lead to breast deformation as well as problems with your spine because of the unwonted pressure on your back from bra straps.

Your bra can support each breast comfortably, and look great. We all love great lingerie – men and women alike. Before you buy, you should spend a little time weighing the facts and measuring things. After all, it’s very easy to buy a fantastic bra which does the job if you know a few simple and easy rules to follow.

Being “measured” for a bra is not the same as being “fitted”

Tape measures can provide a rough guide, but you only know if a bra fits by trying it on! Don’t squeeze your breasts into a bra that isn’t perfect.

It’s important to go to a bra shop with a professional bra fitting service – think La Perla, La Senza or another high-end lingerie like like Koni-Art, NOT Victoria’s Secret. Although we all love Victoria for her cheap and affordable lingerie, it’s NOT the place to go if you don’t already know your size. It may very well turn out to be that after a session with a professional bra fitter you could end up wearing a size “E” instead of the “B” that you always bought before.  Your comfort and health depend on a professional opinion from someone who is there to help you.

It can be difficult to admit you might not know your proper bra size, but relax. Bra fitters are there to help you and are only too happy to do it too. It’s worth taking a step forward and getting things right. Breasts are beautiful and it would be a shame to damage yours!

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