How to take care of your Koni-Art Lingerie – and not only!

Lingerie lover’s tips for keeping your handmade lace lingerie in ‘top’ shape! 😉

Once your lingerie has come off – what do you do with it!?

Kelly Brook on LingerieArt, as it often seems, is usually appreciated much more after the artist has died. Don’t let this be the case with you and your lingerie. Lace is an art – especially when it’s handmade – and so is taking care of it. There are a few rules you should follow to get the most out of your lingerie.

Not only will looking after your lingerie make it look better longer, it will make you feel better when wearing it (read: or taking it off)! Even if you have plenty to wear “down there” – there’s something exciting about recreating yourself with every purchase. The experience of ‘trying it out’ just to make sure it has the desired effect is exciting!

Without further ado – here’s our top list of how to keep your lingerie in the best possible shape for a long and happy life together! 😉

  1. Wash these by hand. Actually, you should be washing all your lingerie by hand. As exciting as this may sound, the gentle rub and scrub will keep your duds ready for more sweet nothings in better shape. Don’t even think about putting these in the washing machine as such an impersonal experience doesn’t do such finery justice!
  2. Don’t play hot and cold with your lingerie – save that for when your man’s in the doghouse. With your lingerie you should be mostly lukewarm – err, using lukewarm water that is. Hot water will damage the fibers of not only our lingerie but the delicate lace parts of your other lingerie as well.
  3. Drip… drip… drip. No, it’s not Chinese water torture – it’s the best way for you to dry your lingerie. After washing gently with mild detergent then you should simply hang them up and let them drip dry.
  4. Iron. And no, this isn’t just another summer block buster movie – this is the actual iron. The dusty thing sitting somewhere in your closet. At a mildly-hot temperature, gently iron out all the wrinkles in your lingerie – inside out. By doing this, you will press the fibers back into position, take out all the wrinkles, help it last longer and … appear more European.

Even if it sounds like a lot of work – it’s just like driving a car. That’s complicated when you think about all the processes: find a job to make money, work, save, buy a car…work more, buy car insurance, learn how to drive, work harder, drive to the gas station… Yet, if you put all those steps into “I drive” it’s very easy. It’s like saying: “I’m a European Fashionista.”

Koni-Art USA Handmade Lace Lingerie Care Guide

Koni-Art USA Handmade Lace Lingerie Care Guide

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