Environmental Policy:

All the lace dreams you’ll find on Koni-Art USA – including those beautifully sexy lace thongs and bras you love – are made in an eco-friendly way. THAT’S RIGHT! Koni-Art USA is eco friendly. Now you can be sexy, and not worried that you just bought some more mass-produced crap from China again!

Animal Policy:

We are animal lovers. No animals were hurt in the making of any of our lace bras or thongs. Perhaps over-fed, but definitely not hurt.

Performance Enhancing Substances Policy:

We highly encourage all of our clients to use performance enhancing substances – in moderation of course – with every purchase.
Our recommendations:
1. Our Cute and Sexy series goes well with an Australian Merlot.
2. Our Lace Dreams series goes well with a bottle of Cabernet (Californian of course).
3. Our Sexy Adventure series goes well with a case of your favorite imports and the great outdoors (err, your second half).

World Peace Policy:

We encourage you to do your part: spend more time making love.

Media Policy:

Yes, the media lies. Except, of course, when they’re talking about us!
Want to do an interview with us and find out what Miss Germany knows? Why we’ve been published in the Wall Street Journal? How the BBC did a full feature on us? What the Chicago Tribune and many, many other famous publications around the world have discovered about Koni-Art USA lace lingerie – then just contact us today!

Credit Card Policy!?

We process 99% of all orders with PayPal and Google Checkout – so, trust your information to the giants of online shopping. And us of course. 😉