Fun Facts about your Breasts!

From ancient mesopotamian sculptures to Hugh Hefner – your breasts have been the inspiration for feats of bravery, wars and total stupidity.

But… did you know this about your breasts?

Fun Facts about your Breasts!

Fun Facts about your Breasts!

Fact 1. Your breasts hate to bounce all over the place!

Ok, all of us need to do some sport and exercises. Not only are the psychological benefits of such activities incredibly good for us, but the bonus side effect is it makes our bodies look fantastic! Yet, if you’re running like Forrest Gump – beware of the slump! Inadequate support will directly lead to breast sagging earlier as well as breast pain the next day. Save the lace and seductive lingerie for later – this is the time to put on your sports bra, no matter what your size. The molded cups will help support you in your pursuit of having a hot bod.

Fact 2. Your left breast is usually larger.

Bouncing around or not – in fact no two breasts are alike, nor are they the same size. 9/10 times – this means that your left breast is larger than your right. Now, the difference might be ever so slight – but even if you don’t notice the difference, it’s the same phenomenon when men have one foot larger than the other. You’re just luckier. 😉

Fact 3. Boost your … performance… with the right exercises.

Get your gym outfit out now, and start working on your pectoral muscles right away! Talk with your trainer for specific exercises, but regularly exercising your chest can do wonders for making a perky impression as well as increasing cleavage. Everything from push-ups, bench pressing and butterfly presses will help to boost your boobs. An average of 30 minutes 3 times a week and you can start working on increasing not only size, but firmness as well.

Fact 4. Cleavage isn’t exactly determined by overall size.

Even if you take two women with the exact same cup size, they still won’t necessarily have the same cleavage. This optical miracle is created by breasts that are fuller in the middle. If your breasts are naturally set close together, you are well on your way to having fantastic cleavage – even if you only have an A or a B cup. Take into consideration that if your body is narrower below your shoulders – you’ve been blessed with an unfair advantage over girls who aren’t as you’ll have an easier time creating a valley between your two peaks.

Fact 5. Speaking of peaks and valley – watch out for the sun. Even if you’re not topless!

Ok. So you’re not sunbathing on a beach in Europe topless – then how on earth did you manage to sunburn your precious pair? Many swimsuits and bikini tops do allow UV rays to pass through the material making for a surprising sunburn in a somewhat sensitive area. Make sure that you get our sunscreen lotion out each time you decide to don your beachwear – regardless if you’re on the beach or heading into the mountains European style.

Too much sun on the front balcony can cause premature wrinkling and brown spots. As always, your partner will probably be most enthusiastic about helping you protect your precious pair – dragon or not.

Fact 6. Bent out of shape, and not sleeping right? Don’t let that happen to your breasts!

Many women like to sleep face down, and this isn’t going to let the proverbial air out of your breasts, but over time this could misshapen them. There’s a reason why spooning is one of the most preferred sleeping positions, because it’s simply the best for your breasts. Use one of the million pillows adorning your bed to help support them as you sleep. Not only will this help keep your natural perky shape but will give you another good excuse to buy more pillows the next time you and your partner are out shopping.

Fact 7. More than 2 million US women have ‘enhanced’ their breasts.

More than 250,000 women head to the world’s most popular doctor each year to have breast implants. The average age is 34 years old and more than 90 percent of women do it after they had children. We’re not talking about coffee when we say most women have a more than 2 -cup increase after the implants. Nor are we talking about refills, when the 6 percent of women who underwent such an operation come back for more, or less depending on their overall satisfaction of the operation.

Fact 8. Your doctor is concerned about your breasts.

We all know that your love mountains are at their smoothest and least tender generally the week after your period – so that’s the best time to let your doctor take a look at them. (In the sense of looking for any unusual lumpiness or swelling.) You can always see how good your doctor really is if you do this AFTER your Fact 7. If your doctor can’t tell any sudden swelling, then it’s probably time to see another. :)

How to call your wife something sweet in Polish!

Are you one of the lucky ones who have a Polish partner?

The Polish language holds many fun secrets for your partner!

Polish Supermodel Joanna Krupa

Polish Supermodel Joanna Krupa

Let’s face the facts. Polish women are beautiful. There’s a reason why people around the world have voted Joanna Krupa as the world’s sexiest woman. Readers from GQ, Esquire, Maxim, FHM, Inside Sports, Men’s Fitness and more have seen her on the covers over the years and she was even Maxim’s Model of the Year (2004) and TV Media (2005) and there’s a reason too. Not only are they beautiful, but for example: The Polish-born US resident Krupa is fluent in both English and her native Polish and spends her free time actively helping PETA and others.

Joanna Krupa Maxima Cover in France

Joanna Krupa Maxima Cover in France

“I live a normal life where family and love comes first. The minute I leave a set, I go back to my regular life and simply enjoy a night at home with my sweetheart and dogs, and if we go out, it’s just with a few good friends,” Krupa says. “I watch the circus, but don’t join it. People expect a busy model to be on every party and to indulge in crazy behavior, drugs and multiple lovers – I represent the opposite of that.”

If you’re lucky enough to have a partner who hails from Poland or has Polish heritage then read on and get ready to knock her socks off (and not only)!

Here’s our list of popular Polish pet names that you can call your wife or partner! And yes, the translations may sound funny in English, but they’re definitely used! :) (Please note – these are specifically designed for women…You’ll have to have your partner tell you what she wants for the men’s pet names!)

  1. Kochanie  [ko-han-ya]  – Darling
  2. Zabka [Zh-ahb-ka] – Little Froggy
  3. Misiu [Mee-shoe] – Little Bear
  4. Skarbie [scarb-yeah] – Treasure
  5. Sloneczko [Swone-ech-ko] – Little Sunshine
  6. Serduszko [Sare-dush-ko] – My Little Heart
  7. Kotku [Coat-ku] – Kitty Cat
  8. Myszko [Mish-ko] – Little Mouse

    Joanna Krupa in Maxim France

    Joanna Krupa in Maxim France

  9. Rybko [rib-ko] – Little Fish
  10. Paczusiu [paunch-uu-shoe] – Little Doughnut
  11. Swinko [shf-een-ko] – Little Pig
  12. Robaczku [ro-batch-ku] – Little Bug
  13. Zabciu [zhab-chew] – Little, Little Frog
  14. Hipciu [hip-chew] – Little Hippo
  15. Krowko [krewf-ko] – Little Cow
  16. Kurczaczku [kur-chach-chew] – Little Chicken
  17. Kuleczko [kew-lech-koo] – Little Ball
  18. Babelku [Bomb-el-ko] – Little Bubble
  19. Zonko [Zhone-ka] – Little Wifey
  20. Kobietko [Ko-byet-ko] – Little Woman
  21. Niuniu [Nyew-nyew] – Sweety
  22. Malutka [mal-oot-ka] – Little One
  23. Malenstwo [mal-en-stfo] – Little One (part 2)
  24. Ptaszku [ptash-ku] – Birdy
  25. Kruszynko [krew-shin-ko] – Crumble-bee
  26. Aniolku [ann-yowl-ku] – Little Angel

    Joanna Krupa - The Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World

    Joanna Krupa - The Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World

  27. Kaczuszko [ka-choosh-ko] – Little Ducky
  28. Kroliczku [cruel-eech-ku] – Little Bunny-Honey
  29. Slicznotko [sleech-note-ko] – Little Honey
  30. Ksiezniczko [kshiazh-neech-ko] – Princess
  31. Truskaweczko [True-skaf-etch-ko] – Little Strawberry
  32. Perelko [Pear-el-ko] – Little Pearl

As with all Pet Names – your partner might like one more than another … and just double check with her before calling her something which she might not like as much as the others. 😉 Personal taste, of course, is what sets you and your partner apart from the rest! Besides, if you start pushing her buttons, she might just decide to call you… Fajfusie [figh-foo-she] – Little “You-Know-What”

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Getting your bra fit right…

There are several mysteries of the universe:

1. Perpetual motion.

2. How to use water as a fuel source.

3. How to fit your bra properly!?

Bra fitting guide for women

Start buying the perfect bra! All you need to know on sizing yourself up correctly! 😉 photo rights:

Let’s face the facts. Most women don’t really know what bra size they are. They do, however, know what bra size they want to be, and those numbers are usually coming from the likes of Playboy Playmates or other fashion models who serve as the envy of women because of their numbers, err… beauty.

First off, getting your bra sized right is important. This affects not only your comfort, but your health as well! If you’re wearing the wrong bra, this could ultimately lead to breast deformation as well as problems with your spine because of the unwonted pressure on your back from bra straps.

Your bra can support each breast comfortably, and look great. We all love great lingerie – men and women alike. Before you buy, you should spend a little time weighing the facts and measuring things. After all, it’s very easy to buy a fantastic bra which does the job if you know a few simple and easy rules to follow.

Being “measured” for a bra is not the same as being “fitted”

Tape measures can provide a rough guide, but you only know if a bra fits by trying it on! Don’t squeeze your breasts into a bra that isn’t perfect.

It’s important to go to a bra shop with a professional bra fitting service – think La Perla, La Senza or another high-end lingerie like like Koni-Art, NOT Victoria’s Secret. Although we all love Victoria for her cheap and affordable lingerie, it’s NOT the place to go if you don’t already know your size. It may very well turn out to be that after a session with a professional bra fitter you could end up wearing a size “E” instead of the “B” that you always bought before.  Your comfort and health depend on a professional opinion from someone who is there to help you.

It can be difficult to admit you might not know your proper bra size, but relax. Bra fitters are there to help you and are only too happy to do it too. It’s worth taking a step forward and getting things right. Breasts are beautiful and it would be a shame to damage yours!

Why do you do … that!?

Man Opening Door for lady

Opening a door for a lady is considered 'one of the little things' that adds up to a great relationship!

Opening the door…

Why do you open the door for your lady? She does, after all, have two hands, two capable arms and some long legs she should be proud of. So, it may not make a lot of sense in these modern times when your lady works, has a career and can – gasp – even make more money than her partner…so why should you do it?

True gentry. This tradition of opening doors for women has a long history. Take yourself back in time a couple hundred years and then you’d recognize that women were prohibited from doing many things men could do. For example, certain professions were out of the question, voting, serving in the military and so on. Of course, at that point in time one could think that for a woman not having to serve in the army would be a blessing, a privilege of sorts.

The privileges didn’t stop there, however, Modern feminists could suggest that men were domineers, cold users and abusers. Yet, when we think about their men opening doors for them, or being served first at meals it suggests something else.

There were some practical reasons for some of these forms of etiquette as well. Historically, women – especially in the upper classes – wore heavy and awkward clothing that made it difficult for them to open doors themselves. Women were particularly hampered by corsets, and wide skirts made it necessary that someone else open a door. Today’s doors are designed and built for easy opening by a variety of people, but that was not always the case in the past.

So, regardless if you like to do it or not… it should be appreciated by your lady. Even by a simple thank you! So…when someone opens the door for you and they’re double doors, do you expect to hear ‘Thank You’ twice? :)

How to tell real breasts from our artificial friends! ;)

How to tell the difference between real or fake breasts

How to tell the difference between real or fake breasts! Photo rights:

How to tell the real thing from our artificial friends

Follow our 10-step guide to find out if your date is sporting the real thing!

1. Are both breasts identical?

In fact, most natural breasts feature a larger or smaller friend to the left or right. Not only that, but natural breasts have a tendency to move with the motion of the ocean. Dare we say: ‘implants’ tend to be much stiffer and don’t move as ‘naturally’ as the … well… natural, albeit oft smaller size do.

2. Natural breasts actually do tend to sag a bit with time.
If there seems to be a heavenly lift about something then we can almost naturally assume that… they’re not. 😉

3. Think twice before hitting a strict diet!

Large breasts often come with larger women – just because of the fact that the actual tissue surrounding our favorite features represent that type of tissue. When weight goes up, so do the size of her breasts. When hinting it’s time to hit the gym, buyer beware as this will often affect the size of her breasts as well. Diets take their toll when losing ‘weight’.

4. She’s reaching for heaven …when normally they’re going to hell.

Natural breasts are situated usually 10″ from chin to nipple, which means that if there’s something busting seems too high – then odds are that she had work done. Not that we’re saying that’s all bad – simply that it’s easy to spot unnaturally large breasts when they’re right too perky for that time of day!

5. You see ‘them’ long before her!
If you see a naturally petite drink of water long after you noticed her frontal arrangement, then odds are … she visited our favorite doctor. If she’s anywhere over a cup size C – then odds are her natural charm isn’t exactly au-natural.

6. Does she have a wondering eye, or is it just that her breasts are going in opposite directions?
Odds are, if she has breasts which are pointing in opposite directions then she paid for what she got. A complication of a cheap operation often results in the breasts heading in unnatural directions – whether left-to-right, top-to-bottom or any other way.

7. Scared for life
Although you won’t always get to see the finer details, if there are visible scars – traditionally under the breasts, near the underarm or by the nipples – then her doctor might have been sipping on Grandpa’s cough medicine before going under the knife.

8. Perfection comes shining through!
A perfect hourglass figure typically fits in with the most attractive women. If she’s proportionally imbalanced with a heavy top-end then odds are – she’s made a visit to the surgeon.

9. Two key factors in her behavior:

Constant attention is paid to her new-and-improved rack. She will often highlight her confidence-boosting boob job by ‘accidentally’ touching or brushing against that part of her body. She’s excited about them and feels that the world should notice – even if she’s doing this unconsciously.

What breast job!? If she’s in any way shy about her breasts – as in being quite amazingly large – then odds are she’s had some work done on them.  This comes from a conscious hangover of having had the job done. Girls with naturally large breasts are often confident about their size and have no problems with their self image.

10. One too many Push-ups.

Bras come in many wonderful shapes, sizes and forms and they naturally have a push-up effect. When she’s had work done on her breasts we can often see this by the way they rest on her chest. Natural breasts tend to rest into the bras and let the bra do all the work – hence the push-up revolution. However, if there’s nothing soft about the way she’s being pushed up then it probably means what you now know.

Breasts are amazing in all shapes, forms and sizes! The most important thing is for you to make sure that you let your woman know how much you love her shape and size. No two breasts are alike, and that you adore her body is important to her and gives her a boost of self-esteem – regardless if they’re natural or after a performance-enhancing operation! 😉

So… which ones are natural in the photo above? Left – or right? :)

Take a look and discover even more about the wonderful mystery of women!

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