Shipping Policy

How shipping works with Koni-Art USA

After you finished making the best decision you’ve made all day – read: buy some of our handmade lace lingerie – then we get to work. By the time you’ve finished a transaction with PayPal – we’ve already confirmed your order with us.

Making lace lingerie is an intricate process, and after receiving your order we begin putting together anywhere from 8,000-25,000 loops into your lingerie. All, of course, which is done for you. This isn’t mass produced in China – and it doesn’t grow on trees either. This is done by hand for each order. That means the quality of our products is undeniably the best you will be able to buy.

When we’ve finished crafting your order, this is sent via Polish Post, unless you ask for express international shipping which expedites the order, and straight to your happy hands. The duration of this process depends on a few things:

  1. how many orders we have at a time. These aren’t produced by machines – so each piece receives attention in immaculate detail. Yours too. 😉 If we have an unusually high number of orders, which does happen, then it takes longer to fulfill each order. People who buy new Rolex watches can easily spend a year on a waiting list to get their watch. Although your order definitely won’t take a year to receive your order – think of us as the Rolex of lingerie. 😉
  2. what time of year it is. Traditionally, times around the holidays – and think: European holidays as well as North American holidays – increases the amount of time it takes. The amount of mail sent via post during these times often slows down for the simple reason that the mail delivery services take longer.
  3. depending on which country you order from – custom’s office sometimes holds the order for a short check. This is a standard procedure and nothing unusual – but it sometimes happens. Approximately 3-5% of our orders are held up by custom’s.

Our orders generally arrive within 14 business days – but there are three good reasons why it may take longer.