Make your breasts firmer than ever before!

The law of nature, it’s all downhill after 20…

Koni-Art USA's sexy handmade lace lingerie guide for making your breasts firmer!

Koni-Art USA's sexy handmade lace lingerie guide for making your breasts firmer!

All of us understand that if it hadn’t been Isaac Newton who discovered gravity, certainly by the time Hugh Hefner came along it would have already come out: The truth about gravity. In this case, it’s more than just apples falling – must to our own distress.

If you’re young, this isn’t much of a concern – yet. Time doesn’t let anyone escape the unfair damage it takes on our bodies, neither does breast feeding or the rigors of a healthy sexual life.

Why do our breasts go from perky to droopy so quickly?

In order to really answer that question – you have to understand that your breasts are made up of mostly skin and fat tissue. There aren’t any breast muscles keeping everything in place, so the depressing droop is, apparently inevitable.

The youthful charm of firmer, perkier breasts is the dream of all older ladies and yet, there are a few things you can do so you can be like Halle Berry or Demi Moore who have retained their rights as older sexy ladies. Both of these women have two things in common, and it starts with a great diet and continues on to a strong commitment to exercising and treating their bodies right.

So in this case, we have two recommendations for you to  feel better with the breasts that you have.

What can we do to get bigger – perkier breasts?

1. Breast implants

Not only does this make your breasts larger, but they make them firmer as well. This is by far the ‘easiest’ way to make your breasts firmer, but be aware of the medical dangers of complications during and/or after an operation.

2. Exercise

Koni-Art USA's sexy handmade lace lingerie guide for making your breasts firmer!

Koni-Art USA's sexy handmade lace lingerie guide for making your breasts firmer!

That’s right. A few exercises every day and you can be sporting a new upper deck in no time. Although the breasts aren’t made up of any muscular tissue in and of itself, there are a few exercises you can do to create a lifting effect with the pectoral muscles.

  1. Push ups. These will build up the supporting tissue around your breasts and create that lifting effect making your breasts perkier.
  2. Military presses. Ask your trainer on how to do these, but basically they continue to work the pectoral muscles as well.
  3. Pull ups. These are technically just the opposite of military presses, but the pulling motion helps life the breasts from underneath. Many gyms have an assisted pull-up machine which will help make these easier if you can’t lift your whole weight by yourself. You can continue to ask your instructor on what other exercises would be beneficial in creating a lifting experience for your boobs.

You’re not going to see results overnight, but if you stick to these exercises for at least 6-8 weeks then you’ll might be needing to buy some of our great bras from Koni-Art USA! Stick to sets of three, and 8-15 repetitions inside each exercise at least three times a week and you’ll be happy with the results.

The art of attention: 7 tips to increase the impact of your breasts

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When you’re thinking large and full breasts, you’re either thinking: ‘Wow – I’m so lucky!” or “Damn – where are mine!?” There’s something about an enhanced sex appeal that comes along with larger breasts which is simply undeniable – and is probably not going to change any time soon.

For better or for worse – that’s just the truth.

Generally when considering men – it’s the larger the better, and this often translates into women’s psychology as “I’d love to have bigger breasts.” Whether good or bad, that’s not the point. The fact is – it’s simply reality. There are generally very few women who dream about having smaller breasts or having a breast-reduction operation to make their lives…smaller.

Fashion, clothes and bras can do a lot to increase the apparent size of your chest, but it’s not always easy. Gel packs, air pumps and other contraptions simply don’t work because they’re artificial. They can alter the shape of what you have, but this can only go so far.

If you want larger and fuller breasts, then follow our 7 tips and tricks to make them firmer, larger and perkier!

1. Get the right bra.

This is the obvious first choice as a great bra can increase the look of your cup size dramatically. A padded bra works well if your breasts are set wider apart, as this can push them together. The next best thing if your breasts are closer together is a push-up bra – which does exactly that, but not only pushing them up but together as well which increases the overall effect of your appearance.

2. Horizontal stripes are your friend!

If you’re wearing a top – whether it be a tank, summer-T or a formal shirt for work – if it’s got thin, horizontal stripes, you’ve just added a size to your chest. Make sure that it’s not overly loose as your shirt needs to be tighter around the top, increasing the effect.

3. Bright colors and patterns.

Extra attention is paid on your chest when you’re wearing bright colors, and clothes with various patterns or decorations. You can try valances or sequins to highlight your chest. Look in Diesel as they make many body-forming tops with fantastic, bold decorations.

4.  Delicate accessories around the neckline.

Small necklaces with a small detail that droops above your cleavage will highlight the contrast between your neckline and your cleavage making for an attention-grabbing ensemble.

5. Wear heavy – but tight clothes.

Although not a popular summer-time favorite, wearing heavy, thick clothes tight to the body increases the overall appearance of your breasts. A thick, yet tight golf-sweater in the autumn and winter with the right size bra will definitely help attract attention – in all the right ways. For added dramatic effect, a bright, open-lace shirt like on Koni-Art USA with a contrasting dark lace bra is a perfect summer-time solution to your winter answer.

6. Proper posture.

Always remember your posture, as this in and of itself makes you stand out from the crowd. A straight back is the basis to great posture, so make sure you sit straight up, arching your lower back and thrusting your chest forward (naturally). This will have the desired effect, obviously…

7. Special effects: Makeup Artist

Makeup can be used for more than just the face! Nothing precludes the right to use makeup in order to highlight your cleavage. A brushstroke here, and a dab there and you can highlight the shape of your breasts. For a glittering effect, you can use some sparkle lotion so you are sparkling – and this is especially effective on evening dates where low lighting contrasts with the sparkles. Just make sure you don’t overdo it, as you wouldn’t want to be considered as glow-in-the-dark.

A great example of such highlighting breasts can be seen on Keira Knightley’s lithe frame from the Pirate’s of the Caribbean:

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Now, we all know that she wasn’t just naturally endowed with the world’s largest breasts. So, what’s her secret to creating a larger impact? No, she didn’t go under the knife but the answer looks more like this: fantastic choice of bra and professional makeup. Maybe nature didn’t bless her with large breasts, but she does have fantastic costumes and makeup artists to help her along. So, too, can you!

Just because you have “small” breasts doesn’t mean you’re less of a woman. Sometimes you simply may want to appear to have something larger up front. Just like Keira, you too can master the art of visual seduction and make your body do for you what you want!

Fun Facts about your Breasts!

From ancient mesopotamian sculptures to Hugh Hefner – your breasts have been the inspiration for feats of bravery, wars and total stupidity.

But… did you know this about your breasts?

Fun Facts about your Breasts!

Fun Facts about your Breasts!

Fact 1. Your breasts hate to bounce all over the place!

Ok, all of us need to do some sport and exercises. Not only are the psychological benefits of such activities incredibly good for us, but the bonus side effect is it makes our bodies look fantastic! Yet, if you’re running like Forrest Gump – beware of the slump! Inadequate support will directly lead to breast sagging earlier as well as breast pain the next day. Save the lace and seductive lingerie for later – this is the time to put on your sports bra, no matter what your size. The molded cups will help support you in your pursuit of having a hot bod.

Fact 2. Your left breast is usually larger.

Bouncing around or not – in fact no two breasts are alike, nor are they the same size. 9/10 times – this means that your left breast is larger than your right. Now, the difference might be ever so slight – but even if you don’t notice the difference, it’s the same phenomenon when men have one foot larger than the other. You’re just luckier. 😉

Fact 3. Boost your … performance… with the right exercises.

Get your gym outfit out now, and start working on your pectoral muscles right away! Talk with your trainer for specific exercises, but regularly exercising your chest can do wonders for making a perky impression as well as increasing cleavage. Everything from push-ups, bench pressing and butterfly presses will help to boost your boobs. An average of 30 minutes 3 times a week and you can start working on increasing not only size, but firmness as well.

Fact 4. Cleavage isn’t exactly determined by overall size.

Even if you take two women with the exact same cup size, they still won’t necessarily have the same cleavage. This optical miracle is created by breasts that are fuller in the middle. If your breasts are naturally set close together, you are well on your way to having fantastic cleavage – even if you only have an A or a B cup. Take into consideration that if your body is narrower below your shoulders – you’ve been blessed with an unfair advantage over girls who aren’t as you’ll have an easier time creating a valley between your two peaks.

Fact 5. Speaking of peaks and valley – watch out for the sun. Even if you’re not topless!

Ok. So you’re not sunbathing on a beach in Europe topless – then how on earth did you manage to sunburn your precious pair? Many swimsuits and bikini tops do allow UV rays to pass through the material making for a surprising sunburn in a somewhat sensitive area. Make sure that you get our sunscreen lotion out each time you decide to don your beachwear – regardless if you’re on the beach or heading into the mountains European style.

Too much sun on the front balcony can cause premature wrinkling and brown spots. As always, your partner will probably be most enthusiastic about helping you protect your precious pair – dragon or not.

Fact 6. Bent out of shape, and not sleeping right? Don’t let that happen to your breasts!

Many women like to sleep face down, and this isn’t going to let the proverbial air out of your breasts, but over time this could misshapen them. There’s a reason why spooning is one of the most preferred sleeping positions, because it’s simply the best for your breasts. Use one of the million pillows adorning your bed to help support them as you sleep. Not only will this help keep your natural perky shape but will give you another good excuse to buy more pillows the next time you and your partner are out shopping.

Fact 7. More than 2 million US women have ‘enhanced’ their breasts.

More than 250,000 women head to the world’s most popular doctor each year to have breast implants. The average age is 34 years old and more than 90 percent of women do it after they had children. We’re not talking about coffee when we say most women have a more than 2 -cup increase after the implants. Nor are we talking about refills, when the 6 percent of women who underwent such an operation come back for more, or less depending on their overall satisfaction of the operation.

Fact 8. Your doctor is concerned about your breasts.

We all know that your love mountains are at their smoothest and least tender generally the week after your period – so that’s the best time to let your doctor take a look at them. (In the sense of looking for any unusual lumpiness or swelling.) You can always see how good your doctor really is if you do this AFTER your Fact 7. If your doctor can’t tell any sudden swelling, then it’s probably time to see another. :)

How to take care of your Koni-Art Lingerie – and not only!

Lingerie lover’s tips for keeping your handmade lace lingerie in ‘top’ shape! 😉

Once your lingerie has come off – what do you do with it!?

Kelly Brook on LingerieArt, as it often seems, is usually appreciated much more after the artist has died. Don’t let this be the case with you and your lingerie. Lace is an art – especially when it’s handmade – and so is taking care of it. There are a few rules you should follow to get the most out of your lingerie.

Not only will looking after your lingerie make it look better longer, it will make you feel better when wearing it (read: or taking it off)! Even if you have plenty to wear “down there” – there’s something exciting about recreating yourself with every purchase. The experience of ‘trying it out’ just to make sure it has the desired effect is exciting!

Without further ado – here’s our top list of how to keep your lingerie in the best possible shape for a long and happy life together! 😉

  1. Wash these by hand. Actually, you should be washing all your lingerie by hand. As exciting as this may sound, the gentle rub and scrub will keep your duds ready for more sweet nothings in better shape. Don’t even think about putting these in the washing machine as such an impersonal experience doesn’t do such finery justice!
  2. Don’t play hot and cold with your lingerie – save that for when your man’s in the doghouse. With your lingerie you should be mostly lukewarm – err, using lukewarm water that is. Hot water will damage the fibers of not only our lingerie but the delicate lace parts of your other lingerie as well.
  3. Drip… drip… drip. No, it’s not Chinese water torture – it’s the best way for you to dry your lingerie. After washing gently with mild detergent then you should simply hang them up and let them drip dry.
  4. Iron. And no, this isn’t just another summer block buster movie – this is the actual iron. The dusty thing sitting somewhere in your closet. At a mildly-hot temperature, gently iron out all the wrinkles in your lingerie – inside out. By doing this, you will press the fibers back into position, take out all the wrinkles, help it last longer and … appear more European.

Even if it sounds like a lot of work – it’s just like driving a car. That’s complicated when you think about all the processes: find a job to make money, work, save, buy a car…work more, buy car insurance, learn how to drive, work harder, drive to the gas station… Yet, if you put all those steps into “I drive” it’s very easy. It’s like saying: “I’m a European Fashionista.”

Koni-Art USA Handmade Lace Lingerie Care Guide

Koni-Art USA Handmade Lace Lingerie Care Guide

Getting your bra fit right…

There are several mysteries of the universe:

1. Perpetual motion.

2. How to use water as a fuel source.

3. How to fit your bra properly!?

Bra fitting guide for women

Start buying the perfect bra! All you need to know on sizing yourself up correctly! 😉 photo rights:

Let’s face the facts. Most women don’t really know what bra size they are. They do, however, know what bra size they want to be, and those numbers are usually coming from the likes of Playboy Playmates or other fashion models who serve as the envy of women because of their numbers, err… beauty.

First off, getting your bra sized right is important. This affects not only your comfort, but your health as well! If you’re wearing the wrong bra, this could ultimately lead to breast deformation as well as problems with your spine because of the unwonted pressure on your back from bra straps.

Your bra can support each breast comfortably, and look great. We all love great lingerie – men and women alike. Before you buy, you should spend a little time weighing the facts and measuring things. After all, it’s very easy to buy a fantastic bra which does the job if you know a few simple and easy rules to follow.

Being “measured” for a bra is not the same as being “fitted”

Tape measures can provide a rough guide, but you only know if a bra fits by trying it on! Don’t squeeze your breasts into a bra that isn’t perfect.

It’s important to go to a bra shop with a professional bra fitting service – think La Perla, La Senza or another high-end lingerie like like Koni-Art, NOT Victoria’s Secret. Although we all love Victoria for her cheap and affordable lingerie, it’s NOT the place to go if you don’t already know your size. It may very well turn out to be that after a session with a professional bra fitter you could end up wearing a size “E” instead of the “B” that you always bought before.  Your comfort and health depend on a professional opinion from someone who is there to help you.

It can be difficult to admit you might not know your proper bra size, but relax. Bra fitters are there to help you and are only too happy to do it too. It’s worth taking a step forward and getting things right. Breasts are beautiful and it would be a shame to damage yours!