The art of attention: 7 tips to increase the impact of your breasts

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When you’re thinking large and full breasts, you’re either thinking: ‘Wow – I’m so lucky!” or “Damn – where are mine!?” There’s something about an enhanced sex appeal that comes along with larger breasts which is simply undeniable – and is probably not going to change any time soon.

For better or for worse – that’s just the truth.

Generally when considering men – it’s the larger the better, and this often translates into women’s psychology as “I’d love to have bigger breasts.” Whether good or bad, that’s not the point. The fact is – it’s simply reality. There are generally very few women who dream about having smaller breasts or having a breast-reduction operation to make their lives…smaller.

Fashion, clothes and bras can do a lot to increase the apparent size of your chest, but it’s not always easy. Gel packs, air pumps and other contraptions simply don’t work because they’re artificial. They can alter the shape of what you have, but this can only go so far.

If you want larger and fuller breasts, then follow our 7 tips and tricks to make them firmer, larger and perkier!

1. Get the right bra.

This is the obvious first choice as a great bra can increase the look of your cup size dramatically. A padded bra works well if your breasts are set wider apart, as this can push them together. The next best thing if your breasts are closer together is a push-up bra – which does exactly that, but not only pushing them up but together as well which increases the overall effect of your appearance.

2. Horizontal stripes are your friend!

If you’re wearing a top – whether it be a tank, summer-T or a formal shirt for work – if it’s got thin, horizontal stripes, you’ve just added a size to your chest. Make sure that it’s not overly loose as your shirt needs to be tighter around the top, increasing the effect.

3. Bright colors and patterns.

Extra attention is paid on your chest when you’re wearing bright colors, and clothes with various patterns or decorations. You can try valances or sequins to highlight your chest. Look in Diesel as they make many body-forming tops with fantastic, bold decorations.

4.  Delicate accessories around the neckline.

Small necklaces with a small detail that droops above your cleavage will highlight the contrast between your neckline and your cleavage making for an attention-grabbing ensemble.

5. Wear heavy – but tight clothes.

Although not a popular summer-time favorite, wearing heavy, thick clothes tight to the body increases the overall appearance of your breasts. A thick, yet tight golf-sweater in the autumn and winter with the right size bra will definitely help attract attention – in all the right ways. For added dramatic effect, a bright, open-lace shirt like on Koni-Art USA with a contrasting dark lace bra is a perfect summer-time solution to your winter answer.

6. Proper posture.

Always remember your posture, as this in and of itself makes you stand out from the crowd. A straight back is the basis to great posture, so make sure you sit straight up, arching your lower back and thrusting your chest forward (naturally). This will have the desired effect, obviously…

7. Special effects: Makeup Artist

Makeup can be used for more than just the face! Nothing precludes the right to use makeup in order to highlight your cleavage. A brushstroke here, and a dab there and you can highlight the shape of your breasts. For a glittering effect, you can use some sparkle lotion so you are sparkling – and this is especially effective on evening dates where low lighting contrasts with the sparkles. Just make sure you don’t overdo it, as you wouldn’t want to be considered as glow-in-the-dark.

A great example of such highlighting breasts can be seen on Keira Knightley’s lithe frame from the Pirate’s of the┬áCaribbean:

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Now, we all know that she wasn’t just naturally endowed with the world’s largest breasts. So, what’s her secret to creating a larger impact? No, she didn’t go under the knife but the answer looks more like this: fantastic choice of bra and professional makeup. Maybe nature didn’t bless her with large breasts, but she does have fantastic costumes and makeup artists to help her along. So, too, can you!

Just because you have “small” breasts doesn’t mean you’re less of a woman. Sometimes you simply may want to appear to have something larger up front. Just like Keira, you too can master the art of visual seduction and make your body do for you what you want!

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