What your lingerie says about you!

Katie Kowalska - Ms Koni-Art

There’s more than meets the eye to your lingerie!

For 26-year-old Katie Kowalska, lingerie is more than just a passion. It’s something she’s been designing, working on and modeling since being inspired during design school. We interviewed her to get her take on what the soft secrets hiding in her drawers says about her.

What’s your favorite type of lingerie to begin with?

“Lingerie represents your moods. Every woman has different types of underwear, but of course has her favorites. I like being sexy and wearing something original – which is why I started Koni-Art USA, so I could show off my heritage to the people here in the United States,”

What do you mean ‘show off your heritage’?

“I come from Koniakow, a small village in the mountains of Poland with about 2,000 people living there. In our small village we have a long tradition of making lace products. I mean, we’ve even sold our traditional lace to Queen Elizabeth, Pope John Paul II – who of course was Polish and various other people around the world.”

How did you start Koni-Art USA?

“It was quite easy, actually. Traditional laces weren’t selling very well – at all. This is an industry which keeps our village alive to be honest. We have a few tourists, but there’s very little future for the kids there. Anyway, that’s when a few of us had the idea to start selling our ‘secret lace tradition’ over the internet. So, here you have Koni-Art USA.”

What do you like most about your lingerie?

laughs. “Taking it off? Our lingerie here is a lot of fun. It’s original, and unique. We have those ‘easy escape’ and traditional thongs and g-strings which really make it fun. My boyfriend just loves it when I have those ‘easy escape’ thongs on, obviously. Seriously though, what I really love about it is the fact that it’s so soft and so original. You’ll never find something comparable on earth. These are handmade pieces of lingerie – so there are people spending anywhere from 8-15 hours on sets depending on the size. It’s an art, which is why we called it “Koni-Art”… as it comes from KONIakow and it’s ART lingerie.”

So does everyone in Koniakow wear your lingerie?

laughs again. “Of course not. To be honest, it caused quite a stir with some of the older ladies in the village! Here we were, trying to find a way to make a living with a talent all of us have. I mean, it’s been passed down through the families for like more than 200 years. This is a very sacred art, and there were a lot of unhappy people. They even tried to kick us out of the lace guild in Koniakow. In the end, I think we’ve finally managed to come to somewhat of an understanding as at least we have some money now.”

So you’re officially the black lingerie sheep in your village?

Laughs. “Something like that. Not everyone is going to always like what you do.”

How do you speak English so well?

Winks. “I had a great teacher, besides English is pretty easy. If you think about Polish for example, we have 17 different grammatical forms of numbers – depending on the case being used at the time. That would be difficult to learn.”

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  1. Halinka
    July 11, 2010 | 11:05 pm

    I know why my lingerie says about me! 😉
    Open, exciting and lots of fun! Great article Kasia!

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