Why do you do … that!?

Man Opening Door for lady

Opening a door for a lady is considered 'one of the little things' that adds up to a great relationship!

Opening the door…

Why do you open the door for your lady? She does, after all, have two hands, two capable arms and some long legs she should be proud of. So, it may not make a lot of sense in these modern times when your lady works, has a career and can – gasp – even make more money than her partner…so why should you do it?

True gentry. This tradition of opening doors for women has a long history. Take yourself back in time a couple hundred years and then you’d recognize that women were prohibited from doing many things men could do. For example, certain professions were out of the question, voting, serving in the military and so on. Of course, at that point in time one could think that for a woman not having to serve in the army would be a blessing, a¬†privilege¬†of sorts.

The privileges didn’t stop there, however, Modern feminists could suggest that men were domineers, cold users and abusers. Yet, when we think about their men opening doors for them, or being served first at meals it suggests something else.

There were some practical reasons for some of these forms of etiquette as well. Historically, women – especially in the upper classes – wore heavy and awkward clothing that made it difficult for them to open doors themselves. Women were particularly hampered by corsets, and wide skirts made it necessary that someone else open a door. Today’s doors are designed and built for easy opening by a variety of people, but that was not always the case in the past.

So, regardless if you like to do it or not… it should be appreciated by your lady. Even by a simple thank you! So…when someone opens the door for you and they’re double doors, do you expect to hear ‘Thank You’ twice? :)

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